Dealing with stress

Our life can`t be stressless but we have to keep good mood and struggle for happiness. And we tried to find the secret of dealing with stress in our English Club. As usual on Sunday.

Autumn, first cold and dull days, melancholy. I suppose everyone has felt something like that when nothing pleased, there were neither desire nor energy to change your life. Tension at work, quarrels with friends and relatives, betrayals, diseconomies and many other things are widespread.

And we met in our English Centre to discuss this phenomenon, causes and ways of dealing with it. We changed opinions and read professional tips to be happy as much as possible all our long life.

And here are results of this useful meeting.

How to deal of stress:

1. Recognize your symptoms of stress.

2. Look at your lifestyle and see what can be changed.

3. Use relaxation techniques — yoga, meditation, deep breathing, or massage.

4. Time management — use a check list so you will receive satisfaction as you check off each job as it is done.

5. Watch your diet — alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats and tobacco all put a strain on your body’s ability to cope with stress. A diet with a balance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods high in protein but low in fat will help create optimum. .

6. Get enough rest and sleep.

7. Say something positive to yourself as soon as you wake up.

8. Talk with others about what is bothering you.

9. Help others — volunteer work can be an effective and satisfying stress reducer.

10. Get away for awhile — read a book, watch a movie, play a game, listen to music or go on vacation.

11. Work off your anger — get physically active, dig in the garden, start a project, etc.

12. Give in occasionally — avoid quarrels whenever possible.

13. Tackle one thing at a time — don’t try to do too much at once.

14. Learn to say no; you cannot do everything you are asked.

15. Don’t try to be perfect.

16. Ease up on criticism of others.

17. Visualize positive things; this does not take long but can help you regain focus.

18. Make the first move to be friendly.

19. Develop a sense of humour — one of the barriers to stress reduction is the temptation to take things too seriously.

20. Have some fun! Laugh and be with people you enjoy!

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