The time-table of English Club (March-May 2010)

Meet the time-table of English Club for the spring months. You can choose the topics you like and visit the meetings of English club. Read some interesting and useful information before the meeting and be ready to speak English.

Meet the time-table of English Club for the spring months. You can choose the topics you like and visit the meetings of English club. Read some interesting and useful information before the meeting and be ready to speak English.

March, 7th — The Most Famous Women

We’ll speak about the most famous women from all over the world. Prepare a short story about an outstanding woman and tell us about her achievements and some facts from her biography. We’ll try to make our top-list of the world-famous women.

March, 14th — English Art Therapy

Can you draw? No? It doesn’t matter. The point is that you can speak English and express your thoughts and ideas. Today colours, paints and brushes will help you to do it more emotionally!

March, 21st — Finding a Match

How can it be when two people meet each other like two parts of the object find each other in a huge world? You can tell us stories from your lives or retell stories about famous couples.

March, 28th — Things that changed the world

There are a lot of outstanding inventors who gave the world great inventions that changed the world. What are these personalities and the things they invented? It’s impossible even to think about absence of these important things. Now we can’t live a day without them!

April, 4th — Humour

Humour is one of the most important thing of our lives, isn’t it? Let’s tell funny stories, humorous situations and English anecdotes.

April, 11th — Astronomy

The world of astronomy is full of secrets and mystery. The universe, planets, the Earth… Can you imagine the power of them? Long distances, huge sizes, unbelievable guesses, unimaginable conjectures…

April, 18th — What will change everything?

What inventions can change the world greatly? What inventions can change your life if it’s possible? Won’t it bring harm to the Earth, the nature and the people?

April, 25th — William Shakespeare

The whole world celebrates William Shakespeare’s birthday. We honour the great poet and play-writer reading his literary heritage. Every time we enjoy reciting his sonnets and acting the parts from his outstanding plays and dramas.

May, 2nd — Picnic

Traditionally, early in May we have our meeting outdoors. We organize a small picnic in English with sandwiches, barbecue and drinks. Let’s share our favourite recipes and good mood!

May, 16th — Useless things

Oh! The time is flying! The technology is developing. Many things that were useful and important for everyone yesterday are useless at the present moment. What are they? Why have they become out of use and now they are a part of our history? What other things have replaced them?

May, 23nd  — What can I do to achieve goals?

Every person has its own secret rules and traditions — how to achieve goals? Every day we try to improve ourselves in order to be and feel better than yesterday. Do you know any good advice from famous and successful people? Can you share your own ideas about achieving the goals?

May, 30th — The closing ceremony

One more season of English club is over. It’s a little bit sad because we are to part with each other for three summer months. Today we’ll speak about the most remarkable meetings of English club. Let’s sum up!

Предыдущие новости

Поздравляем наших дорогих мужчин с праздником!!!
20 февраля начались занятия у студентов новой группы "Английский по выходным". Надеемся, что студенты, которые, кстати, только начали изучение английского языка, получат не только уверенные базовые навыки и умения, но и удовольствие от процесса обучения.
13 февраля были подведены итоги конкурса переводов отрывка из книги Джейн Остин "Чувства и разум". Мы получили и проанализировали 17 вариантов перевода, выполненные не только студентами Центра "BigBen", но даже представителями других городов.
Взрослые студенты собрались сегодня в Кофейне "RedCup" поздравить друг друга с днем Влюбленных, поучаствовать в конкурсах и просто пообщаться на английском языке.
Поздравляем студентов и преподавателей с Днем всех влюбленных!!!