Новости клуба

02 фев 2015 Love is in the air!

The next meeting of English Club is on 15th, February. We’re admiring the most famous love couples in the world and discussing the power of love with a cup of tea.

26 янв 2015 Chinese Culture and Traditions

Welcome to the second meeting of English Club in 2015 — Chinese Culture and Traditions. We’re discussing one of the most exotic countries in the world next Sunday, 1, February at 6 pm.

16 янв 2015 Life in America

Welcome to the 1st meeting in 2015 — Life in America — on Sunday, 18, January. Special guests are sharing their experience about staying in North America, interesting places and unusual traditions.

18 дек 2014 Welcome to CHRISTMAS PARTY

We’re happy to invite everbody to our traditional CHRISTMAS PARTY on Sunday 21, December at the Coffee House RED CUP.

08 дек 2014 Happy Birthday to you, English Club!

It was our 7th anniversary and we met together to discuss the birthday traditions from around the world and to tell our birthday stories.

25 ноя 2014 Timetable of English Club in 2015

Dear friends! We’re ready to announce the timetable of English Club in 2015. Welcome to our friendly company!

24 ноя 2014 We met again!

We met at 6 pm as usual at the office BigBen to speak English, discuss Amazing Mind and enjoy the tea in a friendly company!

19 ноя 2014 Amazing Mind...

Welcome to the meeting of English Club — Amazing Mind, 23, November at 6 pm.

10 ноя 2014 Funny Money

A cup of English tonight: money idioms are great!

02 ноя 2014 Welcome to discuss Funny Money!

The next meeting of English Club is 9, November at 6pm. We’re discussing coins and banknotes from different countries and funny money stories happened to you and your friends.