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23 окт 2016 SPAIN

ENGLISH CLUB Как много Испании вокруг нас — паэлья и сиеста, сомбреро и коррида, Гауди и Дали… А о чем думаете Вы, представляя Испанию?

18 окт 2016 ENGLISH CLUB

Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! There are some changes in the schedule of EC due to our new total interest in Spanish!

09 окт 2016 English Club news!

English club news: we’ve talked about the most successful companies in the world. Do you know that they have surprising facts in common?


Dear friends of BigBen! You’re welcome to ENGLISH CLUB «SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES» at 6pm on Sunday, 9th, October. We’ll start looking at the definition of SUCCESSFUL COMPANY.

25 сен 2016 English club: we're playing Citadels today.

English club: we’re playing Citadels today. The aim of the board game is to build 8 districts in your city using different character cards: assassin, King, warlord, bishop or magician.

17 сен 2016 BOARD GAMES

Dear friends! You’re welcome to BOARD GAMES ENGLISH CLUB on 25th, September at 6pm. We’re playing CITADELS, the world of kings, assassins, magicians and bishops.

11 сен 2016 Best Summer Story

English Club news! The competition for the Best Summer Story has finished. Thanks to all the participants for impressive and wonderful stories! See you later.

09 сен 2016 Тhe 2nd meeting of ENGLISH CLUB

Dear friends! We’re happy to invite you to the 2nd meeting of ENGLISH CLUB at 6pm on Sunday, 11th September.

04 сен 2016 New season of English Club is opened!

New season of English Club is opened! There were 3 delicious pies from our guests, sweets and chocolate, grape and warm atmosphere!

02 сен 2016 Welcome to 1st ENGLISH CLUB this season!

Welcome to 1st ENGLISH CLUB this season! We’re meeting at 6pm on Sunday, 4th, September and talking about SUMMER HOLIDAYS.