Новости клуба

05 апр 2010 Humour

Humour is one of the most important thing of our lives, isn’t it? In a close circle of pleasant people we spent our evening and knew a lot of interesting facts about English humor and grammar.

29 мар 2010 The things that changed the world

There are a lot of outstanding inventors who gave the world great inventions that changed the world. What are these personalities and the things they invented? It’s impossible even to think about absence of these important things. Now we can’t live a day without them!

22 мар 2010 The problem of finding a match

Can you count the most important things in the world? Love and marriage are considered to be among them.

15 мар 2010 English Art Therapy

Can you draw? No? It doesn’t matter. The point is that you can speak English and express your thoughts and ideas. Today colours, paints and brushes will help you to do it more emotionally!

10 мар 2010 The Most Famous Women

We spoke about the most famous women from all over the world. Each person prepared a short story about an outstanding woman and told us about her achievements and some facts from her biography. We tried to make our top-list of the world-famous women.

06 мар 2010 The periodical press I usually read

There’re a lot of different kinds of periodical press. The most available and oldest are magazines and newspapers. What do you usually read? What genre do you prefer? What can you advise for everybody?

27 фев 2010 The time-table of English Club (March-May 2010)

Meet the time-table of English Club for the spring months. You can choose the topics you like and visit the meetings of English club. Read some interesting and useful information before the meeting and be ready to speak English.

22 фев 2010 The most famous men

We shared opinions about the most outstanding men in Russia and in the world, spoke about their likes and dislikes. We know every man is unique but all of them are men and have got much in common.

07 фев 2010 Problems of Translation

Studying foreign languages you often come across with the problems of translation from and into your native language. Would you like to try translation of classic literature? It’s really difficult but interesting.

31 янв 2010 Fancywork and handicraft

Will you tell us about your hobbies which are connected with handicraft? A few members of English Club brought their own works and showed us their little masterpieces. The other members of English Club could appreciate them.