Новости клуба

04 апр 2014 The Most Interesting Traditions of the World

The next meeting of English Club is 13, April. We are discussing the most interesting traditions of the world. Welcome to our office on Sunday at 6 pm as usual.

01 апр 2014 Running Your Business Vs. Working for a Boss

Last Sunday members of the English Club met to discuss a very important question — what is better: to run your own business or to work for a boss?

05 мар 2014 Speaking Politically Correct

Welcome to the meeting of English Club — 23, March, 2014. The theme is unusual and serious «Speaking Politically Correct». Wait for you at 6 pm as usual. Spend your Sunday evening in a friendly company!

05 мар 2014 Precious moments of Reading

What happens to books when nobody reads them? What happens in a bookshop when it is closed at night?

02 мар 2014 English Club again!

English Club again! New meeting of English Club is on Sunday, 2, March at 6 pm. We’re talking about… BOOKS! Awesome, great and wonderful! Come and bring your favourite book!

13 фев 2014 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Welcome to our special meeting of English Club «Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus». New vocabulary, controversial topics, wonderful company and delicious sweets are for you!

31 янв 2014 Travelling Around the World

We’re discussing «Travelling Around the World» again on Sunday, 2, February at 6 pm.

24 янв 2014 Around the World in 60 Minutes

The theme’s «Around the World in 60 Minutes». You can share your experience in travelling and listen to advice from other travellers!

17 янв 2014 New Year - Fresh Start

We’d like to invite all of you to our English Club in 2014. The meetings take place every second Sunday at 6pm at Big Ben (6 District, 16A).

13 янв 2014 New Year's Resolutions

The first meeting of English Club took place. We looked back at 2013 and made a positive, fresh start to the new 2014.