Новости клуба

01 фев 2017 We're talking about PROCRASTINATION this Sunday

We’re talking about PROCRASTINATION this Sunday. Why? Because it’s a real problem for many people now. We’ll discuss: what is it? why has it negative impact? how to overcome it?

29 янв 2017 JACKAL

English club to play an adventurous board game JACKAL. Four crews of pirates are looking for gold coins on the Treasure Island! Die, pirates, die!

28 янв 2017 Tomorrow we're playing Jackal

Tomorrow we’re playing Jackal, a captivating game making you want to play again and again. The object is crystal clear: to find and drag onto your ship golden coins.

27 янв 2017 ENGLISH CLUB: расписание встреч на 2017 год

Встречи проходят 1 раз в неделю по воскресеньям в 18:00 на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке за чашечкой чая с вкусняшками. Продолжительность встречи: 2 ак. часа.

25 янв 2017 Board Game JACKAL

Welcome to English club to play an adventurous board game JACKAL. Put on pirates' hats and be ready to land on the treasure island. See you at 6pm on Sunday, 29th, January!

23 янв 2017 STUDENT LIFE

English Club NEWS: What is student life for you? For some people it’s hard work and knowledge, for others — friends and a hostel, for some — bread!;) And for you?

21 янв 2017 STUDENT LIFE

ENGLISH CLUB! Welcome to English Club tonight — we’re talking about STUDENT LIFE -funny episodes from the institute or university, lifehacks, subjects you studied, hated or enjoyed.


Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! You’re welcome to the 1st ENGLISH CLUB in 2017 — we’re talking about NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! January is the high time to turn over a new leaf!

25 дек 2016 Christmas Party

Dear girls of English Club! Thank you for the time tonight! It’s so nice that we have so much in common — we like singing and dancing, we like playing and doing activities in English, we like to eat sweets, read wishes and believe them!

18 дек 2016 New Year traditions in different countries.

На English Club началась череда новогодних встреч! Сегодня обсуждали New Year traditions in different countries.