Новости клуба

25 мая 2016 Welcome to English Club

Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! You’re welcome to the meeting of ENGLISH CLUB at 6pm on Sunday on the 29th of May. Summer is coming! And we’re discussing exciting tailor-made trips for different people. Revise Travelling Vocabulary and think about best place in the world to relax! See you in the office of BigBen (Proletarskaya Street, 4)!

25 мая 2016 Reading habits and books

English club is speaking. We’re doing some activities about reading habits and books. Fun! Thanks to everyone fpr participating and sharing the ideas about your favourite novels and detectives.

14 апр 2016 British, American and Russian humour

Today we discussed and compared British, American and Russian humour. All the stories were hilarious! Thanks to our facilitator Valeria for funny episodes from different cultures.

11 мар 2016 Welcome to our next meeting!

The next meeting is on 20th, March. We’re discussing Junk Food Ban. How often do you eat fast food? Do you try to eat healthy food? Why? Where do you usually buy food — in a local market or supermarket? Do you carefully read information about the food you buy? See you at 6pm.

10 мар 2016 My Favourite Place in the World

We met again on Sunday to share our impressions of different places we’ve been to. Thanks to everyone who came and Happy Women’s Day!

22 фев 2016 Music, music, music!

Dear friends of English Club! Thank you for the most hilarious meeting))) We didn’t only discuss our favourite music, but also danced and sang) Meet you next time March, 8th to talk about our favourite places.

04 фев 2016 Great Britain is AMAZING

Great Britain is AMAZING. Let’s share our opinions or experience of this country:) We are waiting for you in our office at Proletarskaya St, 4 to discuss «Amazing Britain» on February, 7th at 6 pm.

15 янв 2016 The 1st meeting in 2016

Dear friends of English Club! We met on Sunday again and made New Year Resolutions. New Year — New Start, Dreams and Plans for 2016! Let all our dreams come true!

08 янв 2016 New Year Resolutions

English Club is again! We’re meeting at 6 pm on Sunday 10th January to make New Year Resolutions. Join us and practise your English!

22 дек 2015 Christmas Party

We met on Sunday to celebrate European Christmas, talk about New Year traditions, try Christmas Quiz, make predictions and have fun!