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06 дек 2010 Food: Bring your own recipe!

Food: Bring your own recipe!

29 ноя 2010 City of my dream

City of my dream

22 ноя 2010 Gadgets and accessories

Gadgets and accessories

15 ноя 2010 Social Networks, the Internet and you

At EC meeting we deсided to discuss the meaning of the Internet in our lifeand admired film «Social Network» about the founding of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg.

08 ноя 2010 Who is the face of Russia?

Who is the face of Russia?

31 окт 2010 Scary Halloween

Scary Halloween

25 окт 2010 Body languages

Do you know your habbits, your body, bearing, your way of using gestures? Do you know about their meaning, signicance? How can we use our body to transmit our feelings, thoughts and how to learn the body language?

18 окт 2010 Dealing with stress

Our life can`t be stressless but we have to keep good mood and struggle for happiness. And we tried to find the secret of dealing with stress in our English Club. As usual on Sunday.

11 окт 2010 Twists of Fate

Twists of Fate

05 окт 2010 Teachers and School

On the eve of Teacher`s Day we met in our English Centre and shared our reminiscences.