Новости клуба

04 июл 2017 Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB!

Dear friends of English Club! Traditionally in summer we arrange a special event for our good friends from Volgograd. This July is no exception.

10 июн 2017 ENGLISH CLUB news!

Due to the rainy weather we’re playing MAFIA in the BigBen office at 6 pm. See you on Sunday, 11th, June.


TRAVELLING LIFEHACKS Thanks to Anastasia for the useful pieces of advice when planning a trip!

20 мая 2017 English Club news!

There are some changes due to the rainy weather. Tomorrow we’re meeting at 6pm and discussing TRAVELLING LIFEHACKS at the office.

16 мая 2017 Next meeting of ENGLISH CLUB is OPEN-AIR!

Next meeting of ENGLISH CLUB is OPEN-AIR! See you at 3pm on Sunday, 21st May (near the office). Then we’re driving cars to Pitomnik together.


ENGLISH CLUB И снова наша веселая компания на English Club! Наталья Саенко, преподаватель ОЦ Биг Бен приготовила для нас Bizarre Traditions from different countries.

12 мая 2017 ENGLISH CLUB news!

Dear friends, we haven’t seen you for ages and missed you greatly! It’s time to meet for discussing TRADITIONS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES

10 апр 2017 Special guests from Japan

Next week we’re having special guests from Japan Keiko and her husband. They’re visiting our town Kamyshin for cultural exchange.

09 апр 2017 Mafia

We’re playing Mafia with awesome Valeria. We’re crying and laughing, smiling and killing, trying to be persuasive and honest.

04 апр 2017 NEWS

You’re welcome to join English club this Sunday to share TRADITIONS FROM DIFFERENT COUNRTIES all over the world. See you at 6pm on the 9th of April.