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27 сен 2010 Music and Life: Part II

Music and Life: Part II

20 сен 2010 Music and Life: Part I

Music and Life: Part I

06 сен 2010 How did you spend your summer?

Summer was wonderful but it has finished. And feeling the necessity to share emotions we met in our lovely Centre.

31 мая 2010 The closing ceremony

One more season of English club is over. It’s a little bit sad because we are to part with each other for three summer months. Today we’ll speak about the most remarkable meetings of English club. Let’s sum up!

24 мая 2010 What can I do to achieve goals?

Every person has its own secret rules and traditions — how to achieve goals? Every day we try to improve ourselves in order to be and feel better than yesterday. Do you know any good advice from famous and successful people? Can you share your own ideas about achieving the goals?

17 мая 2010 Useless things

Oh! The time is flying! The technology is developing. Many things that were useful and important for everyone yesterday are useless at the present moment. What are they? Why have they become out of use and now they are a part of our history? What other things have replaced them?

03 мая 2010 Picnic

Traditionally, early in May we have our meeting outdoors. We organize a small picnic in English with sandwiches, barbecue and drinks. Let’s share our favourite recipes and good mood!

26 апр 2010 William Shakespeare

The whole world celebrates William Shakespeare’s birthday. We honour the great poet and play-writer reading his literary heritage. Every time we enjoy reciting his sonnets and acting the parts from his outstanding plays and dramas

18 апр 2010 What will change everything?

What inventions can change the world greatly? What inventions can change your life if it’s possible? Won’t it bring harm to the Earth, the nature and the people?

12 апр 2010 English Art - Pair Painting

The aim of our meeting today was to work in pairs, to understand your partner, to feel the atmosphere of his (her) painting.