Новости клуба

13 окт 2012 Greece - back to summer...

Dear students and friends of BigBen! Welcome to the meeting of English Club at 5pm on Saturday, 13,October. We’re listening the story about trip to Greece and discuss it! Let summer be continued! We’re meeting at BigBen as usual (6 District, 16A) See you!

15 сен 2012 New Season of English Club

If you’d like to speak English, practise your language and meet new friends, welcome to our English Club, the company of English-speaking people!

03 июн 2012 See you next season!

Dear students and friends of BigBen! On Saturday you’re invited for the last meeting of EC in this season! We’re waiting for you as usual at 5pm at BigBen. Join us! We’ll see each other next time only in September!

21 мая 2012 Playing Board Games (Part 2)

Dear friends! Welcome to English Club today. We’re playing the board games Dixit and Kaleidos. See you at 5pm!

03 мая 2012 Playing Board Games

Welcome to English club on Saturday at 5pm. We’re playing board games in English. Simple rules, awesome pictures, great impressions! Take your friend and come to play!

15 мар 2012 Politics

After the President’s election in Russia it’s time to speak about politics in English! Let’s look at different political systems around the world revising the words connected with government, state and political issues. The meeting of English Club’s at 4:30pm on Saturday.

06 мар 2012 Women’s Day

Waiting for spring and Women’s Day, the next meeting of English Club is devoted to the most outstanding women in the world. Make a presentation «The Woman I Admire», tell some words about her biography and the reasons you admire this woman. The meeting’s at 4:30 pm. See you!

21 фев 2012 Shrovetide

Russia is celebrating Shrovetide, or Pancake week, one of the jolliest, most vivid and fun-filled feasts here. Next week you’re welcome to the special English Club with pancakes. See you at 5pm as usual at the office of BigBen (6 district)!

21 фев 2012 How did you celebrate St. Valentine's Party?

Dear participants of English club and our friends! Wait for everyone tomorrow at 5pm as usual. Prepare your story «How did you celebrate St. Valentine’s Party?». The meeting’s at the office of BigBen (6 district)

10 фев 2012 St. Valentine's Day in 2012

Welcome to English Club tommorrow — we’re speaking about St. Valentine’s Day, its history and traditions! Wait for you at 5pm at the office of BigBen (6 district, 16a)