Новости клуба

12 мая 2015 The Last But One

The next meeting of English Club is the last but one in this season. We’re discussing your favourite films at 6 pm on Sunday, 24th, May.

12 мая 2015 Smart Reading on Sunday

We met on Sunday to talk about Smart Reading. There were different summaries, pieces of advice how to read more, friendly atmosphere and tea!

04 мая 2015 SMART READING

Welcome to our meeting SMART READING. You can prepare a summary of any book, article or post you’ve read recently and got impressed. They say essay is the future of the book because all the people are extremely busy now. Do you agree or disagree?

20 апр 2015 English Club is on!

English Club is on: good company, hot tea, provoking topic, impressive statistics and facts, jokes and fun! Thanks to our facilitator Viktoria Sixtell!

16 апр 2015 The Internet

Dear friends! Welcome to the meeting of ENGLISH CLUB on Sunday, 19, April. We’re discussing the INTERNET, computer safety, electronic devices and your attitude to them. The facilitator is Viktoria Sixtell. Waiting for everone at 6 pm at the office of Big Ben (Proletarskaya St, 4) Tel. 5-05-02

02 апр 2015 Drink or not to drink coffee? This is the question!

You can love or hate coffee, choose a cup of coffee or tea but be ready to practise your English and give your opinion. We’re talking about the origin of coffee beans and traditions of coffee drinking ceremony in different cultures.

25 мар 2015 Would you like to join us next time?

We played a game «Guessing the country», range a list of factors choosing a country for living, met new members of EC and have fun!

18 мар 2015 Let's meet at English Club

The next meeting of English Club is on 22nd of March. The topic’s Moving Abroad. We’re playing a board-game Pack your Bag and discussing the ideas of moving abroad.

24 фев 2015 Share your cooking secrets!

Prepare the list of ingredients and detailed instruction how to cook the best meal in the world — salads or sandwiches, meat or fish, vegetables or rice, cookies or cakes! See you at 6 pm on Sunday, 1, March at the office of BigBen!

15 фев 2015 St Valentine's Day

Why is this holiday so popular among people all over the world? It’s so romantic and full of surprises!