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ENGLISH CLUB! We’re talking about NEW YEAR TRADITIONS in different countries. Date: 18, December (Sunday) Time: 6 pm

06 дек 2016 Our guest is Mister X

ENGLISH CLUB is travelling around London tonight. Our guest is Mister X. And we’re detectives from Scotland Yard. Exciting game, perfect team, loud discussion, delicious tea, healthy snacks, yummy chocolate and English!

30 ноя 2016 BOARD GAME - MISTER X

Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! Welcome to the special meeting of ENGLISH CLUB next Sunday. We’re playing the exciting BOARD GAME — MISTER X in English.

27 ноя 2016 Dixit

ENGLISH CLUB news! Today we played Dixit, drank tea, tried meringues, laughed a lot and enjoyed time together!

23 ноя 2016 DIXIT in English!

Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! We’re playing an amazing and creative board game DIXIT in English! Date: 27, November Time: 6pm — 7:30 pm

20 ноя 2016 FASHION

ENGLISH CLUB NEWS: We were talking about FASHION with great enthusiasm! We learnt about new trends, unusual colours, fashion words and why we should all think pink next season!


Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! Welcome to OUR MEETING on Sunday: FASHION. TRENDS. CLOTHES.

07 ноя 2016 Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB!

Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! There’re some changes in our schedule: the next meeting is on the 20th of November and we’re talking about FASHION, CLOTHES AND SHOPPING.

06 ноя 2016 ENGLISH CLUB at a new place - the cafe Vo!

Here we are! ENGLISH CLUB at a new place — the cafe Vo! We liked the armosphere, sofas and tea in the cafe Vo. The waitress can understand English and we could order in English!

05 ноя 2016 EATING IN & OUT

Dear friends of ENGLISH CLUB! We’re having ENGLISH CLUB at 6pm on Sunday, 6th, November at the cafe VO (near the local market).