Новости клуба

16 мая 2013 Last meeting this season

Welcome to the last meeting of English Club this season. We’re talking about summer plans and meeting a guest from Europe. See you on Saturday at 5:15 pm at BigBen. P. S. Bring your own biscuits:)

27 апр 2013 Time for tea

Dear tea-lovers, welcome to TEA party. We’re trying different sorts of tea, describing tastes and aftertastes!

20 апр 2013 Fashion Trends in Spring-Summer 2013

The spring’s come at last! Time to create your own spring’ish-greenish style and be in trends!

13 апр 2013 Skyscrapers in the world

We’re talking about the skyscrapers in the world. You can choose one of the highest buildings in the world and find exciting information about it.

06 апр 2013 Paper Books Against Electronic Devices

There’s much argueing about this question — What is better to use: modern electronic devices or old paper books? We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both and drew the conclusion.

30 мар 2013 Thailand, the Land of Smiles

We’re talking about sunny Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Experience and fotos are straight from the horses’s mouth!

18 фев 2013 Istanbul - the city between Europe and Asia

Istanbul is one of the world’s busiest waterways-in northwestern Turkey, between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.

29 ноя 2012 Would you like to visit Italy?

Dear friends of English Club, welcome! This Saturday we’re talking about Italy. One of our friends has just come back from Rome and can share his impressions. Besides, we hope that we’ll be able to talk to a real Italian person! See you at 5pm as usual!

23 ноя 2012 Motivation for Harvard students

Tomorrow we’re discussing motivation for studying — Harvard students (among them famous and successful people) are sharing their motivation. Welcome to practise your English and develop your motivation!

20 окт 2012 Welcome to English Club

Dear friends! Welcome to English Club at 5 pm today at BigBen! See you!